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Chapter Seeking Vice-Chair - Thursday, August 30, 2012

The joint chapter of APS/MTTS/UFFCS is seeking a Vice-Chair to assist with planning meetings, advertising events and assessing members' needs.  The candidate must be a Connecticut member of IEEE.  Membership grade of Member, Senior or Fellow is required.  As well, membership in one of the three chapters that make up the joint chapter is required.

Interested members should contact either Charlotte Blair or Raymond Zeitler.

Be involved!

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Antennas & Propagation/Microwave Theory and Techniques/Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics & Frequency Control

This composite society combines the interests of three closely associated societies of IEEE:

The Antennas and Propagation Society is focused on experimental and theoretical advances in antennas including design and development, and in the propagation of electromagnetic waves including scattering, diffraction and interaction with continuous media; and applications pertinent to antennas and propagation, such as remote sensing, applied optics, and millimeter and submillimeter wave techniques.

The IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) promotes the advancement of microwave theory and its applications, usually at frequencies from 200 MHz to 1 THz and beyond.

Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control Society is interested in the theory, technology, materials, and applications related to:

  • The generation, transmission, and detection of mechanical waves and vibrations and their interaction with light and electric fields;
  • Medical ultrasound, including hyperthermia, bioeffects, tissue characterization and imaging;
  • Piezoelectric and piezomagnetic materials, including crystals, polycrystalline solids, films, polymers, and composites;
  • Ferroelectric materials, including crystals, polycrystalline solids, films, polymers, and composites;
  • Frequency control, timing, and time distribution; including crystal oscillators, quartz crystals and other piezoelectric materials, piezoelectric resonators, surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices, dielectric resonator oscillators (DRO), resonant sensors and transducers,
  • Atomic clocks, cesium beam frequency standards, rubidium frequency standards, hydrogen masers, ion trap standards, time transfer methods, time distribution via the Global Positioning System (GPS), two-way time transfer, clocks, frequency synthesizers, frequency stability, phase noise, Allan Variance, and frequency aging.

For more information about this chapter or to inquire about volunteering, please contact the Chapter co-chairs Charlotte Blair or Raymond Zeitler.