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Outreach Sponsorship - Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wallingford -- On Thursday, January 9, 2014, the IEEE-CT Executive Committee approved the following motion...

Motivation: There are multiple instances of high school students involved in various engineering competitions throughout CT. As possible future IEEE members, these high school students would benefit from being exposed to IEEE expertise and funding. In addition, many of these high school students have parents who are IEEE members and would be enticed to volunteer for IEEE activities if they are directly exposed to those.

Approved unanimously, at 8:50pm, the following three major bullet items:

  • Criteria for funding:
    • Any CT high school team participating in IEEE-related competitions is allowed to apply for $500 funding towards their activities.
    • If the team is participating in national or international competitions, they are eligible for $1,000 funding if they have a valid tax ID number.
    • Team must have at least one IEEE-CT member sponsor.
  • Application process:
    • Pre-award: Team members present their activities to the IEEE-CT ExCom.
    • Post-award: Team presents their results and organizes an IEEE-CT ExCom meeting at their facility.
  • Additional stipulations:
    • Conflict of interest statement: We would exclude sponsoring teams that would compete in events that we award prizes at.
    • One application per team per year.